Genuine Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you looking for genuine ways to earn money online?

If you don’t know where to start, I am here to help you.

We know that internet users have increased exponentially. Many are looking for some genuine ways to earn money online. I have explored many of these sites and I have listed below some genuine ways to earn money online.

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1. Online Surveys/ PTC

PTC or Paid To Click is one of the easiest ways of earning money online. Though you just earn a very small income, it’s easy and free. You just have to click and view the ad for 30 seconds to earn money. There are many survey sites where you first sign up and earn money after completing the survey. In the survey, you’re generally asked to choose from the options provided and you just have to click on your choice. Though you may earn less between $1 to $25 per survey, it isn’t time-consuming. You can generally complete a survey in 20 minutes. All sites are free.

Some popular PTC/survey sites where you can sign up and start earning are:

  1. clixsense.com
  2. neobux.com
  3. swagbucks.com
  4. viewpointpanel.com
  5. inboxdollars.com
  6. mysurvey.com
  7. surveyjunkie.com
  8. opinionoutpost.com
  9. surveysavvy.com
  10. surveyspot.com
  11. pineconeresearch.com
  12. myview.com

2. Freelancing       

Freelancing is one of the genuine ways to make money online. I worked as a freelancer on Fiverr and was able to earn $500 in my first month. You can read about it here below.


You can be a freelancer and earn money. You can do data entry or you can write content which is much in demand these days. You can write content for blogs and websites. You can do photo editing or make videos, create logos, or offer any service and earn money. As a freelancer, you can work from the comfort of your home and you’re not bound by schedules and you can choose the work you want to do.

Some popular sites where you can work as a freelancer are:

1. fiverr.com

2. upwork.com

3. freelancer.com

4. peopleperhour.com

5. guru.com

6. writeraccess.com


Blogging is a hot trend now. But making money through blogging is a slow, time-consuming process as you won’t get many readers at the start. You need time to gain more readers and then you can earn money by monetizing your blog by placing ads on your blog, or through affiliate marketing or selling digital products, etc. You can write blogs on any topic of your choice like health, business, sports, music, entertainment, finance, games, fashion, etc.

Some blogging platforms are:

wordpress.org (the most popular blogging platform)





4. YouTube

You can create videos and upload them on YouTube. When your YouTube channel gets many subscribers and a lot of views, you can get paid through ads on your videos. You can create games videos, tech videos, food recipe videos, how-to-learn-any skill videos, prank videos, fun videos. If your videos are educative, entertaining or informative, your videos will attract a lot of views and help you earn money.


5. Writing

When I explored the internet to find genuine ways to make money, writing was the first thing which helped me earn. I wrote ebooks and self-published on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. You too can publish your book on KDP. It’s free. You have to register and give details of your personal information and your bank account details, and if you have the content of your book ready, you can upload the content, you can add a book cover, title, description, category, pricing and publish your book. It’s fast and it’s free.

You can also become a freelance writer and earn money. You can find freelance writing jobs on these sites.

1. fiverr.com

2. upwork.com

3. freelancer.com

4. peopleperhour.com

5. guru.com

6. writeraccess.com

6. Create and sell an online course

There’s a growing market for online courses. More and more people are using digital platforms to learn skills. If you have a specific ability and love to teach, then you can create an online course and sell it and you get paid every time students buy your course on these sites.

  1. udemy.com
  2. teachable.com
  3. skillshare.com
  4. thinkific.com
  5. kajabi.com

7. Online Teaching/Tutoring

With the rapid growth of the internet, this is the best time to find online teaching jobs. There’s a high demand for online teachers as online teaching jobs are increasing and many professionals and subject expert teachers are now moving towards online teaching. Some sites for online tutoring are

1. tutor.com

2. tutorhub.com


4. buddyschool.com

5. teacheron.com

6. tutorme.com

These are some genuine ways to earn money online. With every passing day, more and more people are looking for genuine ways to make money online. The reason is that you can earn extra income and it’s easier to work from the comfort of your home and you’re not bound by schedules.

I hope this helps you with your search for genuine ways to make money online.

My No.1 recommendation for genuine earning online is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have a question or need help, leave a message below and I will help out.




  1. Hi Nandita
    Thank you for a valuable post. I never knew there were so many methods to make money online these days. I like the fact that you described each money making method and then supported it with link, this makes it easy to visit each site directly from your post.
    I also have my own blog and hope to make some money with it eventually.
    Keep up the great work

    • Thank you. Yes,there are so many opportunities to make money online these days. Great that you have your own blog and hopefully soon you make really good money with your blog. All the best!

  2. Thanks for sharing! It’s crazy how many ways you can make money online nowadays. I love how you went into each platform as I’m sure each one attracts different types of people and creative fields.

    • Thank you. It’s truly incredible that there are so many number of ways and the opportunities for making money online these days.

  3. Great tips for making money online. I think YouTube is exploding. It’s already the second largest search engine after Google (that’s right, people search more stuff on YouTube than on Bing for example). I’ve also heard that it’s much easier to rank for keywords fast than in Google. Of course takes work just like everything else. My tip for anyone starting in online business is to pick a single proven method and stick with it until you see success, don’t try to do many things at a time until you have enough experience.

    • Yes, that’s a great point you made. About sticking to one method instead of trying many things at once. We tend to lose focus otherwise. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Nandita,
    This post is very well written and has valuable information! I learned quite a bit from this post. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Andrea,
      Yes, I think we just need to make use of this information and benefit from it. Glad you liked my post. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Great article! It’s amazing how many ways there are to make money online. Some of these ways are new to me. With so many scams out there, this is a great guide for people wanting to find legitimate ways of making money online.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are so many ways to make money online. And I hope this article helps readers find genuine ways of making money online.

  6. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about how to make money online and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


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